Always a Cold Deck  — Crib Sheet — (3 pages)

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American plan –  A hotel room rented with meals included.

chippie  –  A promiscuous young woman; a prostitute.

cold deck  –  A deck of cards that's been marked or rigged to cheat.

drummer   –   A salesman, hawker.

European plan  –  A hotel room rented without meals included.

fly – Wise to, hip, aware.

I should smile –  An expression of disbelief, along with mild contempt.

panel house  –  A brothel where a hidden panel is used by an associate of the prostitute to enter the room and steal from her customer while he is distracted.

parlor house  –  A brothel or disorderly house of a higher class.

play horse with –  To ridicule or make sport of.


Sadie Collins (aka Sadie Parker)  –  A woman of changeable affections and uncertain reputation.

William "Fingy" Conners  –  Buffalo's Boss Conners has his remaining fingers in many pies.

Detective James Donahy  –  Buffalo policeman of unknown loyalties.

Charles Elwell  – A lawyer and Secretary of the Eastern Elevator Co.; recently disappeared.

Charlie Elwell  –  Charles Elwell’s son, also a lawyer.

Nell Elwell  –  Charles Elwell’s wife.

Samuel Keegan  –  The proprietor of the Gotham Insurance Bureau.

Ed Ketchum  –  An insurance investigator who specializes in arson.

Colonel Livingston  –  A semi-retired police inspector in Toronto.

Emily McGinnis  –  Charles Elwell’s niece and an employee of the Eastern Elevator Co.

Robert Mason  –  The original superintendent of the Eastern Elevator Co.; whereabouts unknown.

General Chester Osgood  –  A lawyer and President of the Eastern Elevator Co.

Catherine Osgood  –  The General's daughter.

Carlotta Reese (aka Cissie Lightner)  –  Harry's cousin who works the vaudeville circuit.

Whitey Schuler  –  Boss Conners' jack-of-all-trades.

William Stark  –  Inspector of Detectives in Toronto.

Danny Sullivan  –  Saloon owner and former employee of the Eastern Elevator Co.

Jack Whitner  –  A mysterious acquaintance of the Elwells’.