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boiled owl  –  An inebriate, as in, drunk as a boiled owl.

bucket shop  –  An establishment that pretends to trade stocks, but in reality merely accepts bets on stock price movements.

chippie  –  A promiscuous young woman; a prostitute.

cooler  –  An attractive woman.

drummer   –   A salesman, hawker.

green goods  –  The green goods game was a con where the gang offered to sell a quantity of counterfeit bills for a smaller amount of real currency. To convince him of the quality of the counterfeit bills, the mark was actually shown real currency. But bags would be switched and he would arrive home with a satchel of newspaper.

jolly  –  To put another in good humor; flirt, flatter.

knock over  –  To murder.

peach  –  A loose woman; something choice, but often used ironically.

play horse with –  To ridicule or make sport of.

policy shop –  An establishment that takes bets on numbers; numbers racket; an illegal lottery.

Tammany Hall –  Democratic machine of New York, principally Manhattan (q.v. Willoughby Street).

Tenderloin  –  The area of Manhattan that includes the entertainment and red-light districts.

Willoughby Street –  Democratic machine of Brooklyn (q.v. Tammany Hall).


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Bernie Bannon  –  Michael Minden’s bookkeeper and right-hand man.

Robert Barclay  –  Stock broker whose death generates a claim on a policy written by William Huber.

Eliza Chapman Barclay  –  Robert’s widow.

Martin Corwin  –  A police sergeant working in Brooklyn’s Eastern District.

Elizabeth Custis, aka Elizabeth Strout –  A woman of many talents and a college friend of Emmie’s.

Mr. Demming, aka Mr. Larabee  –  An authority on gambling at racetracks, poolrooms and resorts.

Eugene Donigan  –  Employee of Sovereign Mutual Life Insurance.

Mrs. Dyer  –  Eliza Barclay’s sister.

Christopher Farrell  –  Salesman whose death generates a claim on a policy written by William Huber.

Anna Corbin Farrell  –  Christopher’s widow.

Cynthia Chapman Howell  –  Eliza Barclay’s sister.

Edward Howell  –  A stock broker and Cynthia’s husband.

Conrad Huber  –  A real estate lawyer working in Brooklyn’s Eastern District and William’s father.

John Huber  –  A Wall Street lawyer and William’s brother.

William Huber  –  An insurance agent working in Brooklyn’s Eastern District.

Samuel Keegan  –  The proprietor of the Gotham Insurance Bureau.

Sally Koestler  –  A childhood friend of William Huber.

George Koestler  –  Sally’s father, who takes control of Sovereign Mutual Life Insurance.

Clara Marquisee  –  An apparent suicide whose body is found in an Eastern District canal.

Jacob Marquisee  –  Clara’s husband and a home builder working in Brooklyn’s Eastern District.

Michael Minden  –  The owner of multiple New York gambling establishments.

Sanford Osborne  –  Claims Manager, Sovereign Mutual Life Insurance.

Byron Perkins  –  Superintendent of Agencies, Sovereign Mutual Life Insurance.

Dan Ratigan  –  A supervisor at Newcome’s Detective Agency.

Lewis Redfield  –  President, Sovereign Mutual Life Insurance.

Charlie Sennett  –  A small-time bookmaker working in Brooklyn’s Eastern District.

Elizabeth Strout , aka Elizabeth Custis  –  A woman of many talents and a college friend of Emmie’s.

George Tibbitts  –  A Manhattan police detective.

Richard Warner  –  A Manhattan machinist.

Kathryn Warner  –  Richard’s wife. A woman blessed with an active imagination.


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