The Harry Reese Mysteries
by Robert Bruce Stewart
“…just laughed my way through this witty novel…”

The Books

Harry and Emmie make another visit to Washington and are shocked to find themselves confronted once more with a difficult-to-solve murder! < more… >

A unique anthology of Emmie Reese’s inimitable writings, including both her mystery stories and her first foray into serious literature. < more… >

Harry accompanies Emmie to her childhood home, where he learns the answer to that age old question: can a man drown in a blancmange? < more… >

This second omnibus contains the fourth, fifth, and sixth Harry Reese Mystery novels. < more… >

Harry and Emmie travel to Portland where they meet a plethora of odd characters while exploring the sexual proclivities of the inhabitants, both the natives and the exotics. < more… >

By the conclusion of this fourth novel in the series, Harry will have a keen appreciation for the intricacies of both the New York canal system and the sex life of the tree cricket. < more… > 

This special edition omnibus comprises the first three Harry Reese Mystery novels plus four shorts, including all three Emmie Reese Mysteries. < more… >

Harry is off to Washington to investigate a string of jewelry thefts. But his first order of business is to find out just what his wife Emmie is up to. < more… > 

In this second novel of the series, Harry uncovers a murder-for-insurance scheme, a clandestine gambling parlor, and a woman almost as eccentric as his own wife. < more… >

In this first novel of the series, Harry travels to Buffalo where he encounters a convoluted set of mysteries, and a week later returns home wedded to a conundrum. < more… >

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This short story is an account of a case Harry investigates in Glens Falls, New York, and the many surprises he encounters. < more… > 

The third Emmie Reese Mystery short story: When frustrated in her literary efforts, Emmie embarks on a career as a self-published author. < more… > 

The second Emmie Reese Mystery short story: Harry and Emmie take on the job of locating a missing shipment of gold on a French ocean liner. < more… >

The first Emmie Reese Mystery short story: Emmie launches a career as a journalist, then learns that her readership includes a man found dead in Lancashire. < more… >


This series depicts the cases of Harry Reese, an insurance investigator of the early 1900s, and his decidedly eccentric wife, Emmie. I began writing the books in 2011 with the objective of blending historically accurate mysteries with a sophisticated humor.

Over time, the lead characters have more or less taken control and the books have become a good deal more farcical. Readers often say that they bring to mind Nick and Nora Charles, though perhaps more the film characterizations by William Powell and Myrna Loy than the Hammett originals. And the writing has been most flatteringly compared to that of P.G. Wodehouse, and least flatteringly to—well, no time for that….

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