The Harry Reese Mysteries
by Robert Bruce Stewart
Fair Play's a Jewel cover

This is a novel of about 67,800 words, or 290 print pages, and was first published in July 2015.

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Fair Play’s a Jewel

July 1903. When Harry learns Emmie is traveling to Portland, Maine, he fears she's heading to an assignation. Could she be heading for an assignation with the mysterious stranger who recently called for her at the apartment? Or is she leading Harry into yet another befuddling murder mystery, peopled by a perfect plethora of peculiar characters, and with herself acting as befuddler-in-chief? Before this case is solved, our heroes will have acquired a knowledge of 17th-century cant, cockney rhyming slang, and the mating habits of the American eel; confronted a snooping Pinkerton of fictional origin; come to terms with a publishing pirate; and waded through a veritable ocean of false identities.

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Glossary: As the dialogue includes a good deal of regional or archaic slang, I've added a glossary at the end of the book. If you'd prefer to print it out, here is a PDF version.