The Harry Reese Mysteries
by Robert Bruce Stewart


These are the major characters that appear in the Harry and Emmie Reese Mysteries. After each description you will find one or more letters. These are abbreviations of the books and stories the character appears in.


Harry Reese
An insurance fraud investigator whose cases, no matter how prosaically they begin, ultimately all involve murder. Harry was born in 1873 in Utica, New York. He attended Union College and upon graduation began working in the insurance business in New York. Harry, in his own words, is a man who can generally take things as they come. Which is a good thing. (all)

Emmie Reese (née McGinnis)
Harry’s wife, whose interest in murder and imaginative methods make her an essential and amusing companion, though Harry—who describes her thinking as frequently untethered—might not always agree. Emmie was born on January 17, 1877, in Northampton, Massachusetts. She attended Smith College, class of 1899, in that same city and later moved to Buffalo, where she met Harry. (all)

Clifton Ainslie
Vaudeville union member with a particular dislike for Pinkertons. (Ch)

Michel Archambeau
Fanny Baum’s French-Canadian manservant. (Ψ)

John Anthorn
Patient at state hospital who is under the impression he is the late President McKinley. He closely resembles George Washington Cable and has an unfortunate encounter with a blancmange. (P)

Madame B____
A master jewel thief operating in Europe. (Cr, K, Ψ)

Bernie Bannon
Michael Minden’s bookkeeper and right-hand man. (Cr)

Robert Barclay
Stock broker whose death generates a claim on a policy written by William Huber. (Cr)

Fanny Baum
Former classmate of Emmie’s. (Ψ)

George Washington Cable
The well-known author. (P)

Margaret Cable
Above’s daughter; friend of Emmie’s and Elizabeth’s; hostess of eventful dinner. (P)

Eliza Chapman Barclay
Robert’s widow. (Cr)

Samuel Branscombe
Owner of the Sea Cliff Hotel on Cape Elizabeth. (J)

Joseph Brayton
A member of a tontine. (M)

Scott Breen
A lawyer in Glens Falls, N.Y. (H)

Mrs. Butler
Proprietress of a colorful boarding house in Glens Falls, N.Y. (H)

Dwight Chambers
A real estate agent in Glens Falls, N.Y. (H)

Stanley Chambers
West Indian beachcomber likely to be displaced by new hotel on Cape Elizabeth. (J)

Julius Chappelle
Owner of a Washington, D.C., employment office. (K)

Patrick Chappelle
Operator of Washington policy shops and brother to Julius. (K)

Xiang-Mei Chen
Chinese girl smuggled over border with an interesting past. (Ch)

Delia Clack, aka Delia Field
Cant spewing Brit who is visiting Cape Elizabeth. (J)

Archie Cobb
A supposedly fictional character of Emmie’s creation who poses as Henry James. (P)

Richard Cole
Servant of General Sachs and suspected thief. (K)

Sadie Collins, aka Sadie Parker
Charles Elwell’s former mistress, a woman of changeable affections and uncertain reputation. (A)

William "Fingy" Conners
Buffalo’s Boss Conners has his remaining fingers in many pies, several legitimate. (A)

Arden Coombs
A man found dead in a Lancashire canal. (M)

Martin Corwin
A police sergeant working in Brooklyn’s Eastern District. (Cr)

Inspector Reginald Cropsey
A policeman in Lancashire. (M)

Elizabeth Custis
See Elizabeth Strout.

Mr. Demming, aka Mr. Larabee
An authority on gambling at racetracks, poolrooms and resorts. (M, Cr)

Eugene Donigan
Employee of Sovereign Mutual Life Insurance. (Cr)

Detective James Donahy
Buffalo policeman of unknown loyalties. (A)

The Reeses’ maid. (Cr)

Julie Dupagnier (née Courtois)
Passenger aboard the steamship L’Aquitaine. (B)

Mrs. Dyer
Eliza Barclay’s sister. (Cr)

George Easterly
Washington lobbyist and burglary victim. (K)

Mrs. Easterly
Wife of above. (K)

Sesbania Easterly
Their young daughter, who spends her time in the Land of Oz. (K)

Sergeant Frank Eckel
New York police precinct sergeant. (Ch)

Catherine Osgood Elwell
General Osgood’s daughter and Charlie’s eventual wife. (A, Ch)

Charles Elwell
Emmie’s uncle by marriage. A lawyer in Buffalo. Elwell finds a job for Emmie at the Eastern Elevator Company, which he’s associated with, and then disappears. (A)

Charlie Elwell
Emmie’s cousin, a lawyer in Buffalo. (A, Ch)

Nell Elwell (née Van Slyke)
Emmie’s aunt, sister of Emmie’s mother. She worked with a medicine show in her youth. (A, Ch)

Christopher Farrell
Salesman for a shirtwaist company whose death generates a claim on a policy written by William Huber. (Cr)

Anna Corbin Farrell
Christopher’s widow. (Cr)

Delia Field
Ostensible wife of Michael. See Delia Clack.

Michael Field
English Poet and ostensible husband of Delia. See Andrew Lang.

Nathan Finn
Representative of National City Bank aboard the steamship L’Aquitaine. (B)

Lottie Flagg (aka Anthorn, née Ransom)
George Washington Cable’s cook. (P)

Thibaut Francher
Seaman aboard the steamship L’Aquitaine. (B, Ch)

Otis Gaylord
Deputy sheriff responsible for enforcing Maine’s prohibition law. (J)

Dr. Edwin Gillette
Washington, D.C., physician with nervous disposition. (K)

Asst. Coroner Glazebrook
Performs autopsy on corpulent corpse. (K)

May Goodwin
Young actress, blackmailer, and corpse on Cape Elizabeth. (J)

Joe Griep
Valet masquerading as writer Mortimer Vincent. (P)

Mr. Grundy
A plumber and amateur thespian. (P)

Mrs. Grundy
Above’s wife, devoted to cleaning up Shakespeare. (P)

Jane Grundy
Above’s daughter; friend of Gloria’s, Emmie’s cousin. (P)

August Guenard
Purser of the steamship L’Aquitaine. (B)

Mr. Holt
A fellow guest at Mrs. Butler’s establishment. (H)

Cynthia Chapman Howell
Eliza Barclay’s sister. (Cr)

Charles Houyvet
First officer of the steamship L’Aquitaine. (B)

Edward Howell
A stock broker and Cynthia’s husband. (Cr)

Conrad Huber
A real estate lawyer working in Brooklyn’s Eastern District and William’s father. (Cr)

John Huber
A Wall Street lawyer and William’s brother. (Cr)

William Huber
An insurance agent working in Brooklyn’s Eastern District. (Cr)

Captain George Ingalls
Wounded veteran of Coxey’s Army. (Ψ)

William Jefferson
Washington, D.C., lawyer and credit to his race. (K)

Ernie Joy
Vaudevillian killed at faux Chinatown opium den. (Ch)

Samuel Keegan
The proprietor of the Gotham Insurance Bureau for which Harry sometimes works. The Bureau maintains massive files on applicants and claimants of insurance policies. Its purpose is to detect fraud. (A, H, Cr)

Annie (Estelle) Ketchum, aka Annie McGee
A young woman capable of speedy social evolution. (H, J)

Ed Ketchum
An insurance investigator who specializes in arson and naïveté. (A, H, J)

Bridget Kilgellen
Irish chambermaid adept at interpreting soiled linen at the Sea Cliff Hotel on Cape Elizabeth. (J)

Sally Koestler
A childhood friend of William Huber. (Cr)

George Koestler
Sally’s father, who takes control of Sovereign Mutual Life Insurance. (Cr)

Lucy Koestler
Sally’s stepmother. (Cr)

Detective Henry Lacy
A Washington, D.C., policeman with a Sherlock Holmes fixation. (K)

Andrew Lang, aka Michael Field
Scots author and folklore authority visiting Cape Elizabeth. (J)

Mr. Larabee
See Mr. Demming.

Mr. Leverton
An operative of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. (M, J)

Nathan Libby
Lawyer and investor in rival new hotel on Cape Elizabeth. (J)

Lou Ling
Cricket charmer. (Ch)

Colonel Livingston
Semi-retired police inspector in Toronto. (A)

Dr. Loring
South Portland physician who performs autopsy on May Goodwin. (J)

Bill McCrea
State hospital attendant, first victim. (P)

A man of unpleasant disposition but unusual skills in Glens Falls, N.Y. (H)

Jimmy McGee, aka Jack Taber
Actor who abandoned his wife, then gets her back. (J)

Mrs. McGinnis (née Van Slyke)
Emmie’s mother. (A, M, Cr, P)

Fiona Macleod
Scottish poetess. See Elsa Naggle.

Clara Marquisee
An apparent suicide whose body is found in an Eastern District canal. (Cr)

Jacob Marquisee
Clara’s husband and a home builder working in Brooklyn’s Eastern District. (Cr)

The Reeses’ maid. (Cr, Ψ)

Robert Mason
A man with a checkered past and the original superintendent of the Eastern Elevator Company, Emmie’s employer in Buffalo. (A)

M.E. Meegs
Pen name used by Emmie. (M)

Amanda Merrill
Wife of Senator (below), who has an unusual hobby. (K)

William F. Merrill
Senator from Indiana, one of three burglary victims in Washington. (K)

Michael Minden
The owner of multiple New York gambling establishments. (Cr)

Pat Moran
State hospital attendant, pretends to be the author Mortimer Vincent. (P)

Bernadette Moreau
Passenger aboard the steamship L’Aquitaine and fianacée of the purser. (B)

Thomas Bird Mosher, aka Richard Merrill
Pirate publisher in Portland, Maine, targeted by assassin. (J)

Alice Mulvihill (née Hooper)
Arthur’s wife. (M)

Arthur Mulvihill
A member of a tontine. (M)

Mrs. Elsa (Naggie) Naggle, aka Fiona Macleod
East Ender visiting Cape Elizabeth. (J)

Mr. Noakes
A representative of the British Consulate in New York. (M)

John Noyes
Epicene contractor who built Ocean View Hotel on Cape Elizabeth. (J)

Sanford Osborne
Claims Manager, Sovereign Mutual Life Insurance. (Cr)

General Chester Osgood
A somewhat pompous lawyer and President of the Eastern Elevator Company, Emmie’s employer in Buffalo. (A)

Catherine Osgood
See Catherine Osgood Elwell.

Winslow Palmer
Representative of National City Bank in New York. (B)

Sadie Parker
see Sadie Collins.

George Peabbles
Cape Elizabeth town constable. (J)

Byron Perkins
Superintendent of Agencies, Sovereign Mutual Life Insurance. (Cr)

George Phelps
Young dime novel reader and valuable witness.(H)

Georges Pomerleau
An accommodating jeweler in New York. (K)

Horace Pugh
Long Island morality worker. (Ch)

Dan Ratigan
A private detective in Manhattan. (A, Cr)

Lewis Redfield
President, Sovereign Mutual Life Insurance. (Cr)

Mrs. Redstone
Someone who would have been better off had she lived in an era where one could Google potential spouses. (A)

Carlotta Reese, aka Cissie Lightner
Harry’s cousin who works the vaudeville circuit. (A, Ch)

Purlina Reese
Utopian and Harry’s great aunt. (Ch)

Earl Rhodes
Shakespearean scholar and donkey authority. (Ch)

Frank Rhodes
Civil War veteran and circus impresario. (Ch)

Lena Spire Rhodes
Earl Rhodes’ wife and Emmie’s former classmate. (Ch)

Henri Rollin
Second officer of the steamship L’Aquitaine. (B)

Alice Sachs
Adult daughter of following. (K)

General Thomas Sachs, Ret.
War profiteer and burglary victim. (K)

Percival Sackett
of Baily & Sackett, literary agents. (M, Ψ)

Mme. Cecile Sahlumie
Clairvoyant and Emmie’s cellmate. (Ch)

Mike Scanlan
Operative employed by the Byrnes Detective Agency. (Ch)

Count (Graf) von Schnurrenberger und Kesselheim
German count attached to the embassy in Washington. (K)

Countess (Gräfin) von Schnurrenberger und Kesselheim, aka Madame B____
The wife of the count, who has a mysterious past and seasons her husband’s dessert with chicken bones. (B, K, Ψ)

Whitey Schuler
Boss Conners’ jack-of-all-trades who imparts some of his skills to Emmie. (A)

Charlie Sennett
A small-time bookmaker working in Brooklyn’s Eastern District. (Cr)

John Smallby
Passenger aboard the steamship L’Aquitaine. (B)

William Spier
Wealthy owner of a horse farm in Glens Falls, N.Y. (H)

Mrs. Margaret (Maggie) Spinks
Washington, D.C., hostess and lobbyist. (K)

Sarah Stanton
Canal boat owner and captain. (Ψ, Ch)

William Stark
Inspector of Detectives in Toronto. (A)

Elizabeth Strout, aka Elizabeth Custis
A woman of many talents and a college friend of Emmie’s. (Cr, B, K, Ψ, Ch, P)

Danny Sullivan
Saloon owner with sartorial taste but regrettable habits. (A)

Jack Taber
Scottish poetess. See Jimmy McGee.

George Tibbitts
A Manhattan police detective. (Cr, K, Ch)

Albert Trepanier
The representative of a French insurance company. (B)

Nan Tway
Reporter for the Cape Elizabeth Sentinel and authority on the sex lives of fishes. (J)

Cyrus Twinem
Professor killed at Cosmopolitan Hotel. (Ch)

Isabel Jacobson Twinem
His wife. (Ch)

E. Pluribus Van Slyke
Emmie’s 12 year old cousin; younger brother of Gloria and Hallelujah. (P)

Gloria Van Slyke
Emmie’s 19 year old cousin. Hal’s twin sister. (P)

Hallelujah (Hal) Van Slyke
Emmie’s 19 year old cousin. Gloria’s twin brother. (P)

Captain George Veblynde
Skipper of the steamship L’Aquitaine. (B)

Mme. Veblynde
Wife of above. (B)

Richard Warner
A Manhattan machinist. (Cr)

Kathryn Warner
Richard’s wife. A woman blessed with an active imagination. (Cr)

Jack Whitner
A mysterious acquaintance of the Elwells’ in Buffalo. (A)

Jimmy Yuan
Producer of faux Chinatown. (Ch)

Charlotte Yvard (née Courtois)
Passenger aboard the steamship L’Aquitaine. (B)