The Harry Reese Mysteries
by Robert Bruce Stewart
The Birth of M.E. Meegs cover

This is a short story of about 10,500 words, or 33 print pages, and was first published in July 2012.

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The Birth of M.E. Meegs

September 1900 - February 1901.This is the first Emmie Reese Mystery and a companion to the Harry Reese Mysteries. Emmie is an aspiring journalist with an unusual outlook on life. In this story, she becomes involved with a death in the English county of Lancashire when one of her stories is found in the dead man's pocket. Over several months, while pursuing her career and assorted other schemes, she helps solve the case through transatlantic correspondence.

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Several posts on my blog touch on subjects mentioned in this story. And there's a glossary, a chronology, and a list of characters for the books.

Of special note: The idea for this story came from an unusual find at a yard sale, The Morgue of M. E. Meegs.