The Harry Reese Mysteries
by Robert Bruce Stewart
Always a Cold Deckcover

This is a novel of about 65,500 words, or 254 print pages. First published in June 2012 and revised in November 2013.

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Always a Cold Deck

July-August 1900. In this, the first book of the series, Harry is sent to Buffalo, New York, to investigate a fire that destroyed a grain elevator. But when Harry uncovers a smuggling operation, the case morphs into something more serious. Trains and steamships feature prominently as he crosses into Canada and back, accompanied by a curious young woman who seems to be conducting an investigation of her own. But Harry can never be sure of anyone's loyalties, least of all those who've hired him.

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A Crib Sheet is available which includes a short glossary, a list of the characters, and three maps. (also available as  DOC or PDF)

Online map: The Library of Congress has a perspective map of Buffalo created in 1902 and they've provided a zoomable version on the Web. The level of detail is simply incredible. It's sort of a Google Street View from 110 years ago.

Several posts on my blog touch on subjects mentioned in this story. And there's a glossary, a chronology, and a list of characters for the books.