The Harry Reese Mysteries
by Robert Bruce Stewart
First Blush cover

This is an anthology of about 63,000 words, or 260 print pages, and was first published in May 2017.

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First Blush
A Meegs Miscellany

The writing career of M.E. Meegs began in the fall of 1900, when her first short pieces appeared in English newspapers. By this time, the intrepid young woman—in her guise as Emmie Reese—had already become a featured player in a series of mysteries, some of which would be recounted in her own inimitable voice. It is her subtle transformation from fictional New Woman to postmodern authorial surrogate which this important volume so scrupulously documents.

Here you will find not only the three Emmie Reese Mystery short stories—The Birth of M.E. Meegs, Hidden Booty, and Psi no more—but also her unique newspaper reportage, her pioneering foray into the world of the literary magazine, and, most vitally, the opening novella of her greatest work of all.

Babes at Sea is the first installment of what Meegs promises will be the crowning glory of her nascent, yet universally acclaimed, career: the great novaplex, Byblos Foretold. This groundbreaking chef d’œuvre is not simply a revolutionary new form-though it is that—but also a work of rarest distinction.

What a treat lies in store for those discerning souls wise enough to get their hands on this gem of a volume!

Of special note: The only known copy of the publication Emmie creates in the story Psi no more was recently located in a used bookstore and is reproduced in this wonderful volume. You may view photos of the original in the blog post, Psi, a little magazine.