The Harry Reese Mysteries
by Robert Bruce Stewart
Casebooks Dissembled cover

This is an omnibus of over 250,000 words, or 812 print pages, and was first published in June 2015.

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Casebooks Dissembled: Omnibus I

July 1900 - Spring 1902. Beginning with the case in which Harry meets his future wife Emmie—and hopes to use her dowry to pay his past-due rent—this omnibus comprises the first three Harry Reese Mystery novels plus four shorts, including all three Emmie Reese Mysteries. They are listed here in chronological order, just as they appear in the book. On each of the respective pages, you'll find descriptions and sample chapters:

* Always a Cold Deck
* Humbug on the Hudson
* The Birth of M.E. Meegs
* Crossings
* Hidden Booty
* Kalorama Shakedown
* Psi no more…