The Harry Reese Mysteries
by Robert Bruce Stewart


The Harry and Emmie Reese Mysteries follow a timeline which begins in 1900.

Always a Cold Deck
      July 31st to August 9th, 1900

Humbug on the Hudson
      August 14th to 17th, 1900

The Birth of M. E. Meegs
      September 1900 to February 1901

      April 2nd to May 6th, 1901

Hidden Booty
      August 1901

Kalorama Shakedown
      December 9th to 17th, 1901

Psi no more…
      Spring of 1902

A Charm of Powerful Trouble
      September 1902

Fair Play’s a Jewel
      July 1903

Posing in Paradise
      April & May 1905