The Harry Reese Mysteries
by Robert Bruce Stewart
Humbug on the Hudson cover

This is a short story of about 9,500 words, or 30 print pages, and was first published in June 2012.

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Humbug on the Hudson

August 1900. In this short story, the second Harry Reese Mystery, Harry is sent to Glens Falls, New York, to investigate a fire. But he is also instructed to make sure the investigation doesn't uncover any shady doings that "the right people" would prefer be kept quiet. Harry encounters a variety of surprises, not the least of which involves his wife, Emmie. But that the chief arson suspect is found dead in a canal comes as no surprise at all.
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Sample Chapter:   HTML or PDF

A Crib Sheet is available which explanations of the chapter titles, a list of the characters, some terms readers may be unfamiliar with, and a map. (also available as  DOC or PDF)

Online map: I've created a Google map with most of the book's locations indicated.

Several posts on my blog touch on subjects mentioned in this story. And there's a glossary, a chronology, and a list of characters for the books.